financesIn your Senior Gap years, a monthly wage/salary is missing. Some may have private pensions but many are living on the State pension and meagre savings. We discuss budgets, investing, alternative savings and innovative products and apps.

Some ideas and strategies on investing in the stock / share market

Share Investment Opportunities and Free Shares

Stock Investing Opportunities Share or stock investments contribute significantly to my financial lifestyle in retirement. So share investment opportunities need to be safe and secure - despite Covid19 issues! I have a SIPP with Hargreaves Lansdown, ISA portfolio with iWeb, and now a new ISA portfolio with Trading212 (free share - more later!). The HL Sipp is used to withdraw monthly income, iWeb is primarily stocks and Trusts with good dividends, and Trading212 for investing in foreign stocks. They all…


Investing for Your Retirement

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Here's the Deal .... I think you will agree that having reached retirement there are worries about your financial future? If your pension does not afford a comfortable retirement, then investing to provide an income becomes a significant consideration. Of course, investments in the stock market can be a risky option. This long bull run must end soon, and investing now may be a risky option. You can invest in stocks/shares for capital growth,…


Winning with Investment Trusts!

Investing in the Stock Market Investing in the stock market can be a risky business. However, over the long term the performance has been good. For example, over the last year the FTSE is up 2.29% (August 2018) - not brilliant and hardly better than sticking your capital in a safe Bank Account. The picture is much more encouraging over 5 and 10 yrs at 17.42 and 54.20% respectively. Of course, we are restricting our view to UK listed companies and…


Stretching Your Budget – Top Tips

Silver Surfers are often living on a Fixed Income - state pension, company / private pension, bank interest, and other investments. Statistics suggest that many are having to survive on just a state pension with no savings. So stretching the budget is rather important! In this article I outline some of the tactics I use to stretch my budget for those Senior Gap Years! Unfortunately, some people are resistant to change and do not like shopping around for better value…


How to Benefit from P2P (Peer to Peer) Phenomenon

With saving rates so low - where else can you put your savings for a decent return? We have looked at investment trusts with good dividends in excess of 4% in How to Live Well in Retirement but  of course the value of trusts can go down as well as up! Well, P2P or Peer to Peer is an alternative with a warning! Your capital is at risk too - no protection from FSCS. The peer to peer model has…


Consistent Dividend or Growth – a conundrum?

In the article "How to Live Well in Retirement?", I favoured a dividend approach with some growth stocks to beat inflationary effects. Of course, this is just one strategy to provide a monthly income. Alternatively, you might favour a more conservative approach to growth with some dividends. If you are not a stock picker, then a more comfortable approach is to rely on fund or investment trust managers who have more experience. But even these managers do not always beat…


How to Live Well in Retirement? Top Portfolio!

How many of us have thought about Retirement Income planning, planned ahead and invested in pensions and savings for a wealthy retirement (sorry senior Gap Years)? Not too many for sure! So how do you STRETCH savings and investments for possibly 30 plus years? First I am not a financial advisor so please don't think this retirement income planning is advice - just a personal opinion!! I have the State Pension, a small Teacher's Pension, a SIPP with Hargreaves Lansdown and…

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