Silver Surfers can be tech-minded too. Here we look at leading edge technology and how it may prove useful in retirement with your budget in mind. Areas covered include good value products, innovative gadgets to make life easier, and medical advances.

Smartphone – pal or foe?

I admit I use my smartphone too much. It is a great tool and there are many benefits to ownership but are we too reliant on this device? For silver surfers, it is a social tool with friends and relatives, helps with shopping, keeps you updated with news, emails, tweets, etc. , navigation aid, banking, currency exchanges - the list is endless. However, are we too complacent? There is an interesting article on TheNextWeb. Extracts: We’ve all had the “smartphone…


Chromebooks Ideal for Silver Surfers

In Heaven with a Chromebook Chromebooks: No nonsense and easy to use with no maintenance: what is there to dislike for the older generation? Boots up in seconds, no worries about viruses and malware, no software to buy and no endless Windows 10 updates. At my advanced age (well not so advanced I like to think), you want to keep things simple. So Chromebooks are ideal. They are lightweight (1.6kg for the techies) - easy to carry when you go…

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