Double Agent (by Tom Bradby)

How to publish a successful novel? Choose a celebrity – tick. Choose a popular theme: spy thriller with a mole – tick. What can go wrong?

Tom Bradby is a successful newscaster, journalist, author and generally nice guy. He has intimate knowledge of politicians and royalty so the intrigue, immoral behaviour and scandals described in the novel may have a hint of truth!

The espionage and political shenanigans provide the basis of an enjoyable read. The twists and turns in this thriller lead to a pulsating climax.

Kate is a UK spy trying to land a senior Russian spy who wishes to defect. He has allegedly knowledge of the PM’s deviant sexual behaviour and financial evidence of bribes received from his Russian masters. In the background there is a mole leaking information to the Russians. Kate’s husband was believed to be the original culprit but he is now resident in Moscow. But could there be another mole at a senior level?

The espionage and political manouvres are excellent. However, Kate’s personal backstory with her dysfunctional family lacks credibility. It feels like padding at times. Shame as the story is otherwise very entertaining.

Draft copy provided by Random House.

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