Oldies but Goldies

Oldies but Goldies

In the beginning …

In the 60s a Dansette Record Player with my first vinyl album from Cat Stevens through to the digital age and streaming services, it has been a wild ride! Do you remember the tangled cassette tapes and trying to tape the Top 20 from the radio! Then CDs and the mini CDs,were the vogue, advances with  ipods, and USB sticks and now back to vinyl and streaming.

.. to Streaming Music Services

I must admit I still like my USB sticks with tons of tracks to play in the car. At home I use Spotify and more lately Amazon Music with my Prime subscription. I love all the built in playlists, albums, artists in the 2 million odd songs you can listen too. I have Amazon Dots in the Lounge, & Kitchen plus Alexa on 2 Fire TV sticks.

TuneIn is great too with so many internet radio stations available for every music taste. Of course, Alexa is integrated with TuneIn (and other radio services). Truly YOUR kind of music everywhere in this digital age!


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