Origin (by Dan Brown)

Dan Brown returns to familiar territory with an intriguing story woven around religion, technology and symbols. Dan Brown has his detractors but I am firmly of the opinion that he is the Master of his genre.

At the beginning of the book “Origin”, he says “Fact: All art, architecture, locations, science and religious organisations in this novel are real”. Some of the “facts” are so amazing that I had to check online!

Robert Langdon is invited to a presentation in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao along with a host of celebrities

 to hear the latest prediction from the eminent scientist Edmund Kirsch. The theme is essentially “Where do we come from” and “Where are we going?” His ideas will challenge religious dogma. Just before the big reveal Edmund Kirsch is shot dead. The scene is set for Robert Langdon to find the killers, and discover the answers to the two questions posed!

The action soon moves to Barcelona with intrigue centred around the Monarchy, religious leaders and the role of technology. On the way, Dan Brown educates and excites. His books are filled with facts, moral issues and interesting theories about the future.

The action never flags, and with twists in the story that you will not see coming, Dan Brown thoroughly deserves to be a bestseller. The dialogue is often witty, sometimes challenging, and often clever. Like a Welcome mat with the text “http://www.”  – yes for non nerds “Local Host”. Smart . I challenge you to not enjoy this book …

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