Smartphone – pal or foe?

Smartphone – pal or foe?

I admit I use my smartphone too much. It is a great tool and there are many benefits to ownership but are we too reliant on this device? For silver surfers, it is a social tool with friends and relatives, helps with shopping, keeps you updated with news, emails, tweets, etc. , navigation aid, banking, currency exchanges – the list is endless.

However, are we too complacent? There is an interesting article on TheNextWeb. Extracts:

We’ve all had the “smartphone conversation.” The one about our unhealthy obsession and inability to put phones down. This fear is legitimized by research, showing that we spend approximately one third of our waking hours on our mobile devices – just over five hours per day. However, while we all might be concerned about this phenomenon, there is one group that could not be happier: cybercriminals.

Society’s smartphone addiction is a gold mine for cybercriminals, as consumers are significantly less security savvy on their smartphones than on traditional computers. So, although experts often cite the concerning mental and physical health implications of this trend, there is another important reason to detach from our smartphones: helping to reduce crime.

It goes onto say: Silver surfers (50+) are most careful and demonstrate the highest concern for their personal security. Among other findings, a study from 2017 reveals that 86 percent of silver surfers do not download free applications or software to their work devices without consulting the IT department.

It concludes by saying: Therefore, the potential implications of careless smartphone usage are far more severe and wide-reaching than most of us realize. This unsettling fact stands at odds with the Millennial and Gen Z desire to do good and support social good, considering their own lack of caution while funding criminal activity.

Putting down our cell phones – and when we do pick them up, making sure they’re properly protected – will not just be good for our mental health. It is also crucial for stopping these hackers in their tracks.

So are we doing enough to protect ourselves?

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