The Good Liar (by Nicholas Searle)

There is nothing like a good con story. You might even feel on the conman’s side if the con is clever and intricate. However, what happens when two domestic partners might be conning each other?

Roy is a long term con artist who has retired but feels he is up for one last big con. Is he in it for the money or does he like the chase? Betty seems to be the good woman in his life who is about to lose her savings.

Then in flashbacks we start to see how Roy has reached this point. In each flashback, the storyline goes further back in Roy’s history. You begin to fall out of love with this conman.  You also question his actual persona. 

Betty’s past in war time Germany is revealed and it is shocking too. Does she know more about the man named Roy?

All is revealed, and maybe you will feel sorry for Roy? On second thoughts probably not!

A good read that bounces along whilst you wait for the final twist!

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