The Thursday Murder Club (by Richard Osman)

This is the Richard Osman of Pointless (and other TV quizzes and Chat shows) so you can expect an off-beat novel! You will not be disappointed – there are plenty of pithy observations, and tangential quips which are off the wall in typical Osman style. His characters, primarily located at a top-end care complex, offer the full spectrum of behaviour and customs. His quirky humour is a constant delight throughout the story,

Murder Club novels seem to be in vogue.  The Thursday Murder Club is a collection of retirees who are looking to occupy their own time but waste police time! Of course, they solve the murders before the police. Part of the fun is the way they inveigle their way into the police investigation. Totally improbable but a delight nevertheless. The murders and investigation make the bones of the story, but we also get Joyce’s commentary and insight into the backstory and character of the care home residents.

As the crimes and investigation reveal past digressions and some shady pasts, you get the full range of emotions. In all, a crafty whodunnit which is great fun to read. Definitely a Pointless score of zero (you have to watch Pointless to understand the score!).

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