You never Stop Learning – free uni Courses

You never Stop Learning – free uni Courses

Do you ever stop learning? Life is a learning flavoured experience! In retirement, we are constantly advised to use your brain, and stop the cells from dying.

“Learn a foreign language”

“Learn to play an instrument” and your health will benefit.

You can learn new skills on Youtube (such as many DIY skills), and the Open University in the UK offers a range of free courses. Go here for the current list of free courses. Don’t forget TED for inspirational lectures on many topics. My favourite TED lecture: 

Rock on

There are just so many courses available both locally and on the internet too. In the UK, for example, we have the U3A in many locations.The U3A (The University of the Third Age) is a UK-wide movement which brings together people in their ‘third age’ to develop their interests and continue their learning in a friendly and informal environment.

Lifehacker brought to my attention this article: “You Can Take These 600 Online Courses for Free” You can attend (online) classes at prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton and University of California, Berkeley. There are now hundreds of classes available take online, for (mostly) free!!

You can access some of their most popular classes online via MOOCs. For the uninitiated. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses. There are language courses, programming and even courses about the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin. Here are just a few courses to whet your appetite:

  • Blockchain Technology from University of California, Berkeley
  • DNA: Biology’s Genetic Code from Rice
  • Hamlet’s Ghost from Harvard
  • Lean Research Skills for Conducting Interviews from MIT
  • Mandarin Chinese Essentials from MandarinX
  • Mind of the Universe – Robots in Society: Blessing or Curse? from Delft University of Technology
  • Probability: Basic Concepts & Discrete Random Variables from Purdue
  • Problem Solving, Programming, and Video Games from University of Alberta

Many more are listed at edX. One of the courses that caught my eye is about the in vogue computer language Python: Computing in Python I: Fundamentals and Procedural Programming.  A free course to study but $99 for certification. 

Coursera is another great resource where Learn online and earn valuable credentials from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies like Google and IBM.  A number of courses were originally free but more are now paid. You might need some help to sign up for free on Coursera but this article will help you: “A Guide on How to Sign up for Coursera Courses for Free“. In fact, this site has many useful articles and resources:

Similarly check out Udemy for over 80,000 online courses!

Finally, apps on your phone are another great resource for online learning. You can learn a new skill on the go (bus, train, etc.). I am using Learn Python and find the lessons, examples, coding area and tests a great aid. SoloLearn is another great app for a variety of courses and skills.

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