30 Days of Justis (by John Ellsworth)

30 Days of Justis
by John Ellsworth
Published February 2018 

It is a delight when you discover a new author that appeals. So John Ellsworth is definitely added to my favourite list after reading this novel. Apparently he is a USA Today bestselling author – is that a recommendation?? This novel is the eighth in a series of books about the attorney Michael Gresham. It is a legal thriller, in the John Grisham mode, that certainly is the cliche page turner. Is it coincident the hero is named Michael Gresham? What is an “i” or “e” between friends?

Michael discovers that a daughter (he never knew he had) is on death row for the murder of a Judge. Of course, he decides in the end to represent her. There are just 30 days to save her, and he is fighting cronyism and the prejudice against sex workers. The suspense builds as we approach the final days. Needles to say – spoiler alert – that his daughter is saved. However, you will not see the final twist coming!

The book is full of interesting characters, and it is an emotional roller coaster ride as every avenue appears to be thwarted. A good read! 

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