Real Tigers (by Mike Herron)

Real Tigers
by Mick Herron
Pub Date: Oct 2016 

Normally I give a book 50 pages to make an impact – otherwise terminate! I was about to ditch this book but was intrigued by the characters. The characters make up a dysfunctional team in UK security forces.

It seems the task force is inhabited with people with personality flaws or performance failings. They are lead by Jackson Lamb whose man management belies belief and breaks every rule in the book. Middle management are vying for position and they report to a Home Secretary who has politcal ambitions too.

The dialogue is funny, caustic and keeps the viewer’s attention. The political intrigue is disturbing – I must remind myself this fiction!

However implausible the plot the story ticks over leading to an action packed finale.

The jury is out on these Mike Herron novels.

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